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Anyang Octubre 23, 2012, mikit ya i PSY ampo i ing Pangkabilugan a Kalihim (Secretary General) ning Misasanmetung a Bangsa (United Nations), i Ban Ki-moon king at the Pun Tanggapan ning Misasanmetung a Bangsa (United Nations Headquarters) nung nu na pepabalung Ban ing kayang kapagnasan a magobra kayabe ya ing magkanta uli ning kayang alang angganan a ayayabut king yatu ("unlimited global reach").Kaybat dareng mapilan a duminggu, ing Gangnam Style ing video o alben king videong dakal dili manalbe king You Tube king kabilugan ning panaun (most accessed You Tube video of all time), alus metung lang bilyun deng menalbe, at kaybat, mekilala ya i PSY a "Ari ning You Tube" ("King of You Tube").Parker gives himself an unauthorized weapons upgrade and enters a mobile game to test it; Megabyte follows him and takes over the game, turning its fortress into his new headquarters, before starting to build his sentinel army.The other Guardians have to rescue Parker and they agree never to go solo again.), metung yang Mauling Koreanung magkanta, talasulat kanta, rapper, talaterak, ampong record producer.Pikabalwan yang dili i PSY kareng kayang makatulang video ampong lage king entabladu (stage performances), ampo king kayang internasyunal a hit single, ing "Gangnam Style", nung nu ing refrain, ing "Oppan Gangnam Style" mibili ya king The Yale Book of Quotations antimong metung kareng pekasikat a kasebyan (one of the most famous quotes) ning 2012.“When you are living out a relationship in the public eye, it’s definitely …

Addressing the split in an interview with “Decreased privacy,” he said.

Four teen gamers who make up the highest-scoring team in an online game meet in person on their first day at Alan Turing High School.

Their enrollment was arranged by Vera, an artificial intelligence who has recruited the team to physically enter cyberspace as "Guardians" and protect it.

Megabyte delivers a distraction in the form of a deceptively cute cat virus that launches annoying cat videos across the Internet, while he aids the Sourcerer in disabling the Pogo Computer Systems building security, so he can walk in and steal a high-powered computer called the Nova X3J undetected, which allows him to launch an untraceable cyber attack from anywhere.

The Guardians learn of the villainous hacker's existence from the news of the theft.

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