Hwanhee and hwayobi dating

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She was in her second year of high school at that time. Even before she released her debut album, Hwayobi was already in the media spotlight.

They found that they started spending a lot of time together, meeting backstage at music show waiting rooms and whenever their rehearsals overlapped.

However, she first listened to Mariah Carey’s music when she was in junior high school and just fell in love with soul and R&B music.

She practiced singing by herself and later on became the winner of the grand prize on a talent show on local radio.

action=view¤t=20090311_yobisleepy.png"][img] Mochi/th_20090311_yobisleepy.png[/img][/url]WGM's alumni Hwayobi (27), and Sleepy, Kim Seong Won of Untouchable (25) are now dating, Sleepy said that to be honest they get along really well and their personalities match each other.

He also said that even though it hasn't been that long since they started dating (since January) they want to reveal their relationship and show their lovey dovey side to fans.

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