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The point is we can do the job with 12 Ohio replacement SSBNs – but no less.It matters more now than ever before for Ohio to remain at sea until the Ohio replacement is on patrol in 2030.We are accepting anything that is a string, and we are going to start doing things with that string, trusting that the script user did not make any mistakes when typing in the path. For instance, if your script prompts for a folder path, and the user enters something unexpected, your script won't be able to perform your intended task.In the example below, the script can't create the folder if the user enters illegal characters for folder names.

–You’re not going to find many people to argue with you.We’ve executed this around the clock mission with only 14 Ohio-class SSBNs, and the Ohio replacement SSBN will meet the same mission requirements with only 12 submarines.You’ll hear the questions, “” You might ask those questions if you really thought about the world we live in and the consequences of failure.I tinker around and document my findings at tiberriver256.and you can find me on Twitter @tiberriver256.The problem with accepting the parameter is that you can't be certain a function call passes an actual file path.

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